Sunday, November 13, 2016

Healing Classes Offered to Seniors through the New Frontiers Program at Mesa Community College

Best Friends Club


I give private readings daily through my business, Channels of Joy, via telephone to clients. All time and space are one and I can connect with your energy and your guide despite any distance. This affords me clients from everywhere. I am committed to giving quality readings at a reasonable price so I can be accessible to clients from all walks of life. I also teach channeling and Reiki 1, 2, 3 and Master privately at an affordable rate.

Teaching channeling and Reiki is a passion of mine, so I pursued my Masters in Education and also again in the Master of Arts, Creative Writing so I could better serve my students.

There were many seniors who wanted to learn more about themselves as spiritual beings, but had no means or personal connection. So, in addition to my private classes, I started the Best Friends Club which supports healing and channeling classes at senior programs and centers at no cost. I have taught at various senior facilities, including Sun Lakes and Fountain Hills programs. I am currently teaching at the New Frontiers Program at Mesa Community College. As a Reiki Master, I also provide Reiki treatments in local hospitals.

We must spread the light to those who need it most.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Our Election, the Dark night of America's Soul

Eight years ago in 2008, when President Obama was running for his first term, I was speaking with my husband, who died in 1995. I was making fun of  Donald Trump's bid to be the Republican nominee against Mitt Romney. I have always been in communication with my husband, which is personal, but also part of my job as a channel, a service I have provided to my clients for over thirty years.

After my husband died, he wanted to help me as much as he could, so he researched certain personal and global outcomes in the Akashic Records, passing on information to me that I might need to know in my work and in my life. So far, everything he relayed to me has come true. When I was mocking Donald Trump back then in 2008, my husband John said, Don't laugh. Donald Trump is going to come back in eight years and try to steal the whole thing.

During this election season, many of us fought hard against that outcome. We stood with HRC because we believed her to be the better candidate with a greater heart. She is beloved by spirit, both in body and out.

I dislike "know it all" readers. Nobody knows it all. I have a good reputation as a reader. I have pulled information out of the universe that went against the tide and was right. I am also very close to spirit. They have helped me throughout my life and even intervened in difficult circumstances. But I still had trouble accepting the probability that Trump could become president.

I tried to change my husband's words in my mind. Maybe he meant it might happen. Maybe there might be divine intervention. I sat through the election watching every state go his way, knowing what it meant, but I still could not fathom it. Even when my guide, stood in front of me holding my arms down as if to keep me from jumping from my chair into the television, I still could not believe it until the last state was counted.

I was grateful for the information that my husband had  passed on to me after his death, but I was also angry at him. What could I do? Divorce him? Yell at him? We took an oath to stay together, and truthfully it is not fair to blame the messenger. I will get over it. Maybe.

We all know the world is moving to a higher vibration. Because of that, there is a polarization happening in this country, that has been building since 1998. It has manifested in a civil war greater than we ever seen before. Racism, misogyny, power, greed and prejudice against those that are different from the mainstream, is rampant mainly because we need to address these issues within ourselves, before the world can rise to a higher vibration of unity and peace.

Donald Trump helps us to address these issues. I have been asked by the guides to remind you that sometimes we grow though love and sometimes we grow through hate. and the majority has now chosen to grown through hate, but love, faith and hope are never far behind.

Trump is a salesman and an opportunist. Obviously, he is over his head and will rely heavily on the influence of those around him. That is unfortunate, because there darker influences near him who have their own agenda.  I see his mother's love around him even now, but I do not believe he was a favored son of his parents and because of that he has a chip on his shoulder and a thin skin. He is building himself a network of cronies of other opportunists who are out for themselves. I have read for associates of two of these people. I know what they are capable of and it is not pretty. To say more would be a betrayal of my clients.

But we have brought it on ourselves. We are a throwaway society, who do not realize the value of what we have damaged and discarded in ourselves and in our country. Psychically, I do not see him achieving all of the things he has set in his mind, although I am concerned that he will be torn between his own interests and the good of the country. He will influence the Supreme Court, but the older members of the court are going to dig in because of this and limit his effect on the court, though one member will have some difficulty and cannot hold on beyond the term. I do see him implementing changes in trade deals and a rise in our consumer prices. He will follow through on immigration, but cooler heads in the House and Senate will prevail and limit some of his actions. Healthcare concerns me, but he does have a unique opportunity there to do something positive. In foreign policy, he will learn that the world is not as easy to deal with as he thought. He too will grow through experience. I do see trouble for him by his third year of office, that can result in both personal and professional turmoil. I cannot at this time see a second term. Please forgive the sugar coating of my words - that is what channels do in moments when they, like you, are hurting and hoping for the best, while trying to read it as honestly as they can. It is very emotional.

Though his influence will be felt for some years to come, it is a short lesson for a country that did not appreciate what it had, but in the end may learn to truly value what America is to us and the world.

I am getting that, out of the ashes of this election, within three years time, a champion for the rights of women, minorities and all people will rise, and a decade later, almost to the date, will change our culture for the better. We have to wait, because we are not ready for it. It is not HRC, unfortunately. Though it may appear cryptic, it is a promise from the highest planes that there is an end to this madness in our society.

My prayers are for HRC. Though she is a warrior and strong woman, this has taken a toll.  May the powers that be protect and honor her and God bless our America during our dark night of the soul.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Buddy's Soul

As a trance channel, Master guides enter my body to speak and move through me, offering spiritual guidance to those who seek it. My personality still exists in my body, though I am in the background, as the guide takes over. I can feel my ethereal body expand to almost bursting, like a balloon that is overfilled and buoyant. Of course, the energy of a Master guide from the Causal and higher planes of existence is massive. Whereas the soul of a less evolved being or even a pet is much smaller, but just as precious.When you experience this phenomena, the phrase "we are all one", takes on new meaning, for ultimately we are all a part of that great soul known as God, or the Creator, which also has a consciousness of its own.

It is much the same with our own individual souls. We each have a soul or "oversoul" that spans the dimensions in this multidimensional universe. Our oversoul may support not only us, but other personalities in the different dimensions it exists in. Think of a great tree with many branches and leaves rising to the heavens. Our oversoul has a name just like our personality does. We must become one with our oversoul to gain access to that name, by creating a higher vibration in our lives and in ourselves, by being more of heaven than earth. We are all connected in more ways than one.

Buddy was my Border Collie; a calm and loving soul devoted to being my true friend on earth. I remember when I got him as a rambunctious six week old pup. My husband, who had been dead for over a decade and who I still keep in touch with, told me of his loyal heart and how he would be my constant companion.

As Buddy lay dying sixteen years later, I knew it was time for him to go. I took him to the animal hospital to end his suffering. We had stayed together to the last possible moment. He did not want to leave me, but had no other choice as his breath became pained and shallow.

I gathered the great dog lying on the hospital floor in my arms one last time and held him close, whispering promises of soft grass, warm sun and bright clear water. As he breathed his last and moved to that place where the great go, I felt his soul leave his body and enter my chest. I have held great souls in my body. Master guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, but never have I felt a soul so sweet and kind. It was small and warm and it filled my whole chest and heart with its warmth, easing my pain at his passing. And when I left the animal hospital, it stayed with me all day long as a part of me, before it moved on. That my friends is love, being one, whether we are a part of each other, or a part of God himself.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Channel's Soliloquy

Spirit has always been an active part of my life, just like my physical family. Since I was a little girl, they would appear to me and teach me things that I would pass on to others. They would warn me if I needed to watch out for something, and counsel me when I needed help. I communicate with guides, angels and individuals that can be seen, heard, and felt by us, because their ethereal bodies are highly physical and there were many times when they protected my family in a way that is miraculous. 

I am a disciple of the Ascended Masters, including Christ. I have channeled Christ, but please do not call me a Christian, as I find Christians today are quick to judge others that are on a different path and are very unlike the Christ I know and love. I am very grateful to the Creator for my abilities. 

Many of you will remember me from readings that I have given you over the past thirty years under my soul name, which was revealed to me by the master guides when I reached a certain level of spiritual growth. I believe in not only inspiring and counseling people to fulfill their soul’s purpose and to create a better reality, but to give them specific details, so their guidance and inspiration is grounded in trust. Some of you will remember the accuracy at which each of your specific questions was answered. There were many times when I correctly predicted the opposite of what others had said, or when I gave exact information that led to loving reunions or recoveries. There is no question too great or too small, for all are a part of your spiritual growth. 

Broader questions are also answered. Is the universe multidimensional? Is all time and space one? Where do you “go” you when you die? Does your own soul have a consciousness beyond your personality, much as a parent with a wayward child? Do we each have guides and angels protecting us and can we interact with them? Do all things vibrate in this world, and when we raise our vibrations, can we see spirit and higher dimensions? Does God exist outside belief? Did man or God create death? Was Jesus both a man and a mirror? These are but a few questions I address in honor of spirit and those that know and love them. 

I have a long history as a reader. I started out giving readings to callers on the radio in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philadelphia. After that, I gave readings on several lines by appointment and became one of their top readers. I studied energy healing  for many years with the great channel, healer and author Frank Alper. I am also a Reiki Master and have taught channeling at the community college level here in Arizona.

In 1998, I wrote and published channeled information on the changes that are occurring now in the world. I was told then by my guides and Archangels that the world is moving to a higher vibration, through a great catharsis of natural disasters, planetary alignments and solar flares. Individually and collectively, we have suppressed so much negativity and pain that these external events are triggering their release from us. What is weighed down by darkness cannot rise to a new paradigm of light. I also wrote of a great polarization in the populace, as great as the civil war, which unfortunately is proving truthful. I wrote of the many suicides and deaths of those who could not tolerate the shift or who were needed to work with those that had passed over. I further wrote and published the earth would shift on its axis after a great earthquake, which happened after Japan’s March 11, 2011 earthquake. That was a very unpopular prophecy in 1998, but proved to be accurate. There is much more to come, for the core of the Earth itself is under great pressure. Each and every movement of the earth affects us, for it is what grounds us to our beings. We can sense earthquakes in our beings before they happen. 

I give private readings through my business, Channels of Joy. I am committed to giving quality readings at a reasonable price so I can be accessible to clients from all walks of life, because that is the way I believe it should be. The world has created a money system based on greed and power which I try to avoid. I am a very private person, with a wonderful family both in the physical world and in the spirit world, and a satisfied clientele. I am solely interested in passing on the gifts that I have been given, so I will be making occasional contributions through this blog and I hope that you enjoy them and that they serve you in some way. 

In my youth and middle years, I and others like me, helped pave the way for young channels and readers today. Now, I am a grandmother, a wise woman in my own way. I am Astarte.